Fixie Project Day 1

Having been wanting to put together a SS or a fixie for a while now, I have finally found the base for my build. While going through my dad’s garage over the weekend, I found his old racing bike. Absolute win, as it has a horizontal dropout. So no need for a tensioner and making the fixie a go.

So today, I went about stripping it down and cleaning it. With a 42 tooth chainring in the front, I have a little bit of thinking to do about the ratio, considering I stay at the top of a fairly steep hill in Cape Town. For now, I will keep the front brake until I get the hang of riding with the fixed gear properly.

Next to prep the frame for paint and decide on the scheme. Hopefully this won’t be an expensive build and I will have a cool little commuter once I am done.

Bare drops with front brake lever