The Great Divide


(Update: 4 April – Having destroyed the ligaments in my knee, this is looking highly unlikely for this year )

I’m buggering off to the USA for a bit. While I am there, I am planning of doing a few silly events. Initially I wanted to ride across the USA from West to East.

After a bit of research, I was pretty set on the idea. Roughly 3000 miles going from Santa Monica Pier in California, via Vegas, Denver, Chicago to name a few cities. Sweet, friends along the way, take my time, cruising on a road bike with a few kg’s of kit.

I thought this was the idea until I flew over to the USA in Dec. On the plane there was documentary called Ride The Divide.

Wow, a self supporting MTB race from Canada to Mexico over roughly 3000 miles through some seriously tough terrain, The Tour Divide. Now having done some research on this, it is the new plan. Ideally I would like to do it this year, but I may not be able to save enough cash before the start date mid June, also I need to sort out a Canadian Visa, which on a SA passport is a pain. I pretty much have everything else with regards to kit and a decent base fitness.

Lets see what happens.


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